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Genus: Pseudauchenipterus, Cocosoda Catfish, Cocosoda Catfishes, Driftwood Catfishes

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front & rear nostrils well separated
D spine - base swollen
top lip barbel long, in groove under eye
chin: 1-2 barbels
roof mouth - no teeth
LL undulating





Body and head rounded, robust; nape with sutured bony plates under the skin; eyes on side of head; front and rear nostrils well separated; 3 (2 in 1 species) pairs of barbells, top lip pair longest, 1-2 pairs on chin; a unique groove under eye that holds the top-lip barbell; roof of mouth without teeth; dorsal and pectoral fins with a strong spine, spine on dorsal fin with swollen base; skin-flap second dorsal fin small, at rear of body; anal fin with long base; lateral line conspicuous and wavy, end forked; body scaleless.

A genus of primarily freshwater, S American catfishes; with 4 species; 1 brackishwater species at the southern fringe of the Greater Caribbean.