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Genus: Pythonichthys, Mud Eel, Mud Eels

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head + body ~1/4 TL
eye tiny
D & A join soft C
mouth long, opens at front
no pectoral
no LL





Body moderately elongate, circular in cross-section at front; tail ~ 75% of TL; a long blunt head, with a low skin ridge on side of snout before eye; tiny, skin-covered eyes; front nostril round, with a raised rim, rear nostril a slit just before and above eye; mouth opens at front, extends well past eye, with more or less equal jaws, with a pair of fleshy folds on its roof and papillae on top lip before front nostril; teeth conical to molariform, 2-3 rows on jaws, 1-several rows on roof of mouth; gill openings are crescents low on the body; no pectoral fin; dorsal and anal fins are low and confluent with the soft tail fin; dorsal fin origin over the gill opening; no lateral line, no pores on head; no scales.

This tropical genus, with 5 species, occurs on both sides of the Atlantic and in the eastern Pacific; one west Atlantic species occurs in the Greater Caribbean.