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Genus: Sardinella, Sardine Herring, Sardinellas

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top jaw no central notch
D no filament
rear of gill opening - 2 fleshy lobes
pelvic I, 8
nape scales paired
belly fully scuted



The species in our area are elongate, semi-cylindrical; 7-14 ridges on paired (fronto-parietal) bone on top of head behind eyes; mouth short, top jaw without a notch at front, with only 2 toothed bones; rear of top jaw with an extra, symmetrical paddle-shaped bone; operculum smooth; rear edge of gill opening on body with 2 distinct forward pointing fleshy lobes; lower gill rakers usually 45-90, but up to 200; anal fin relatively short based, last 2 rays enlarged; last dorsal fin ray not elongated; pelvic fins on the abdomen, insert under center of dorsal fin base, i, 8; a forked tail fin; scales on center of nape before dorsal fin paired; belly with a complete row of scutes (hard spiny scales).

A circumglobal genus with about 24 species; 1 transAtlantic species in our area.