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Genus: Pellona, Pellona Longfin Herring, Pellonas

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deep body
D origin before A origin
top jaw - 3 toothed bones
with pelvics



Deep bodied, compressed; eye large; mouth short, oblique, opens upward, lower jaw projecting; mouth reaches to under center of eye; top jaw with 3 toothed bones; jaw teeth minute, usually with a distinct toothless gap in center of top jaw; gill rakers short, thick, few (20-31 lower rakers); dorsal fin about midbody, behind anal fin origin; pelvics small, 6-7 rays, base distinctly before dorsal fin base; a forked tail fin; scales moderate in size; a keel of sharp scutes (hard, spiny scales) along entire belly.

A genus of freshwater and marine fishes, with 5 species in the Indo-west Pacific and W Atlantic. One W Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.