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Genus: Albula, Bonefish, Bonefishes

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C: forked
snout conical, overhangs short mouth
pelvics under D



Elongate, fusiform, slightly compressed bodies; head conical, snout overhanging mouth; mouth small, not reaching past eye; very small teeth in bands at front of jaws, patches of small molariform teeth on the roof and floor of the mouth; fins without spines; one short dorsal fin, (16-21 rays), at midbody; pectoral fins low on the body; pelvic fins, under the abdomen, well behind pectorals, under rear half of dorsal base; anal short (7-9 rays), well behind dorsal; tail fin deeply forked; scales small, smooth; lateral line straight, full length of body.

This circumtropical genus may contain half a dozen species. Three are known from the Greater Caribbean: one (undescribed) west Atlantic, 1 NW Atlantic, and 2 W Atlantic.