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Genus: Saurenchelys, Sorcerer Eels, Sorcerer Pikeconger Eel

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snout long, narrow, tip soft
rear nostril = slit before center eye
no pectorals



Elongate, cylindrical at front, compressed at rear, tapering to a long slender, pointed tail; head and body ~20% of TL; a long narrow snout that has a soft tip; large eye; front nostril tubular, at front of snout, rear nostril a horizontal slit before center of eye; jaws long and pointed, with top jaw overhanging; teeth conical, relatively small, in bands; 3 rows of teeth on top jaw, inner row largest; a spade-shaped patch of ~6 transverse rows of teeth at center of top jaws under snout; a long tooth patch on center of roof of mouth that has a large central row and 2-3 rows of smaller teeth at side, two extra bands of small teeth at side behind those; lower jaw with 3-5 rows of teeth, front teeth fit into gap behind central-front tooth patch of upper jaws; no pectoral fins; dorsal fin origin over or behind gill opening; dorsal and anal fins confluent with tail fin; lateral line complete, on head and body.

A circumglobal genus with 5 species; 2 in our area, 1 NW Atlantic species entering shallow water in our area.