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Genus: Pseudophichthys, Conger Eels, Congers, Purplemouth Conger Eel

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snout swollen, projecting
nape - no pores
rear nostril - before mid-eye
D origin behind pectoral
tail tip soft & flexible
top lip no flange
jaw teeth - broad bands
center top jaws - wide tooth patch joins broad patch center roof mouth



Body moderately elongate; head and trunk <40% of TL; snout swollen, distinctly projecting; no pores on nape; front nostril tubular, near tip of snout, points down and to side; rear nostril an elliptical hole in front of mid-eye; mouth small, ends under ~front edge of eye; top lip without flange; teeth small, conical; top jaw teeth in broad heart-shaped patches; a patch of several rows of teeth between top jaws joins long elliptical patch on center of roof of mouth; lower jaw teeth in broad bands; dorsal fin origin a little behind tip of pressed down pectoral fin; pectoral fin small, narrow based, origin above gill opening; dorsal and anal fins continuous with the tail fin at tip soft and flexible tip of tail; a complete lateral line.

An Atlantic and W Indian Ocean genus with 2 species; one transatlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.