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Genus: Conger, Common Conger Eel, Congers

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both lips with flanges, top flange wide
tail tip soft, flexible
jaw teeth: 1-2 rows, outer row -> cutting edge



Body and tail moderately slender; rear nostril a hole at or above mid-eye level; mouth horizontal; snout slightly projecting; teeth small, pointed; a round patch at top front of mouth, barely separated from a short triangular patch on roof of mouth; jaw teeth in 1-2 rows, outer row forming a cutting edge, inner row not separated from outer row by a toothless gap, teeth concealed when mouth is closed; both top and bottom lips with a flange, wide on top lip; dorsal fin begins behind base of pectoral, usually over tip of fin; pectoral fin present; tail usually >60% of total length, neither blunt nor thin, tip flexible; dorsal and anal fins continuous with the tail fin; a complete lateral line.

An Atlantic and Indo-W Pacific genus with 12 species; 3 species in the Greater Caribbean, 1 endemic, 1 NW Atlantic, 1 W Atlantic.