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Genus: Bathyuroconger, Conger Eels, Large-toothed Conger Eel

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head large; tail long
large head pores
tail narrowing, soft flexible tip
jaws equal; no lip flanges
jaw teeth: in bands, multiple rows, front = fangs
roof mouth teeth: multiple rows, some large



Elongate; tail > 60 % of TL, slender, narrowing to a point; head large; front nostril tubular, near front of snout, projects to side; rear nostril a small hole before about mid-eye; jaws nearly equal; top and bottom lips without flanges; teeth = strong fangs; teeth between top jaws large, in two transverse rows, separated from those in center of roof of mouth; teeth on center front of roof of mouth few, at front, usually a large tooth in center of those; teeth on top jaws in narrow bands, outer teeth larger; lower jaw with teeth in 2-3 irregular rows, front teeth of outer series much larger; dorsal fin begins over or a little behind pectoral base; pectoral well developed, its base ends above gill opening; dorsal and anal fins continuous with the tail fin; a complete lateral line.

A pantropical genus with seven species; one in the Greater Caribbean.