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Genus: Bathycongrus, Conger Eel, Congers

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top jaw projecting, large pores, lip no flange
tail tapering, tip soft flexible
jaw teeth - no cutting edge, not exposed when mouth closed
roof of mouth: 1-2 large central teeth



Body short, <40% of TL; tail slender, delicate, tapering; tip of tail soft and flexible, with developed tail fin;  snout projecting before lower jaws;  rear nostril at or above mid-eye level; lip flanges developed on bottom jaws only;  top lip with large pores; inner part of top lip with complex transverse folds and papillae, lower lip with similar, but much smaller papillae; teeth on top jaws and on side of lower jaws not visible when mouth is closed; jaw teeth typically in bands or ~4 irregular rows, conical, outer row largest; teeth between front of top jaws larger than those on jaws, in a transverse oval to elongate patch, separated by toothless gap from vomer teeth;  teeth on vomer usually few, in a small compact cluster at front that does not reach level of rear nostril, usually with a few enlarged; gill opening relatively large (at least 1/3 of space between gills); dorsal and anal fins with segmented rays; dorsal fin origin over or slightly behind pectoral base. pectoral well developed; a complete lateral line.

A tropical Atlantic and Indo-west Pacific genus of deep water congers with 19 species; 5 in the Greater Caribbean 3 W Atlantic and 2 endemics.