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Genus: Ahlia, Key Worm Eel, Key-Worm Eels

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nostrils: front tubular, rear in mouth
D origin over/behind anus
tail tip flexible, C obvious
roof mouth - no teeth
large pectoral





Body moderately stout; head and trunk 41-46% of TL; snout ~conical, overhanging; eye well developed; teeth on jaws conical, small, 1 row; no teeth on roof of mouth; front nostril tubular; rear nostril in lip, opens under a flap into mouth; gill opening at mid-side, its opening constricted; dorsal fin origin over or behind anus; tail fin present, visible, joined to dorsal and anal fins; tail tip flexible; pectoral fins well developed, broad based, rounded; lateral line complete, lines of each side of head connected by 2 canals with across top of head; pores on head.

A W Atlantic genus with a single species, which occurs in the Greater Caribbean.