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Genus: Monopenchelys, Moray, Morays, Redface Moray Eel

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orange-red head, yellow tail tip
D origin over/slightly behind anus



Body slender, elongate; head and trunk 42-47% of TL; snout elongate, broad, conical; eye moderate, over center of mouth; front nostril tubular, rear nostril a small round opening just above front edge of eye; teeth conical, slender, depressible, 2 rows on both jaws, 1 row on roof of mouth; dorsal fin origin slightly behind anus; anal fin origin just behind anus; gill opening a small slit just below mid-side; lateral line pores absent except for 1 pore above and before gill opening, 6 along lower jaw, last one at end of mouth; orange-red head, yellow tail.

One widespread Atlantic and Indo-central Pacific species.