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Genus: Channomuraena, Broadbanded Moray, Broadbanded Moray Eel, Moray

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body - 13-16 broad dark bands
tail ~1/3 TL
jaws long, lower protruding



Body robust, muscular and cylindrical, tapering to rear; tail tip rounded; head and body 2/3 of TL; snout short; eye small, over front 1/3 of jaws; front nostril a short tube, rear nostril a hole with a raised rim before and above eye; jaws extremely long, lower jaw distinctly projecting; teeth small, pointed, in bands, top jaw with a single band, between top jaws with an elongate teardrop-shaped band that extends back along roof of mouth; gill opening a small slit at mid side; lateral line pores absent except for 2 pores above and before gill opening, 7 along lower jaw, last before end of mouth; dorsal and anal fins only at tail tip; body with 13-16 broad dark bars.

An Indo-W Pacific and Atlantic genus with 3 species; one trans-Atlantic and Indo-central Pacific species in our area.