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Genus: Robinsia, False Morays, Onerow False Moray

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center roof mouth - 1 row teeth
D origin distinctly behind but near gill opening
no pectoral



Moderately elongate, slightly compressed; snout bluntly pointed; large eyes; front nostril tubular, points downward; rear nostril elliptical, opens on outer edge of top lip under front edge of eye, but sometimes partly concealed by a small flap; mouth moderately large, extends a little behind eye; no flange on either lip; upper jaw teeth conical, in 2 rows, inner row larger; a round patch at front of top jaws; 1 row of teeth on central roof of mouth that join the patch at front of top jaws; lower jaw teeth larger, compressed, 1 row, with several extra teeth at front, front pair are large canines; gill opening small, oval, lateral; pectoral fins absent, although there may be a fleshy tab at top of gill opening; dorsal and anal fins well developed, continuous with tail fin, dorsal origin distinctly behind gill opening but nearer gill opening than to anus; lateral line with 1 pore on upper gill area, 5 along lower jaw, none behind mouth opening.

One species, known from the Caribbean and W Africa.