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Genus: Kaupichthys, False Moray, False Morays

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center roof mouth - 2 rows teeth
D origin ~over gill opening
no lip flanges
+ pectoral



Body moderately elongate; head and snout moderate; large eyes; front nostril tubular; rear nostril a half-moon opening above the top lip, or a slit in lip covered from above with a skin flap; mouth ends near rear edge of eye; no flange on either lip, but top lip projects below, covering part of lower jaw when mouth is closed; top jaw teeth small, in several rows; a round patch of teeth between top jaws; central roof of mouth with 2 rows of teeth; lower jaw with 2-4 rows of teeth; pectoral fin present; dorsal fin origin over or slightly behind gill opening; lateral line consists of 1-2 pores high above gill area, 6-7 pores on and behind lower jaw.

Six species in this W Atlantic and Indo-W Pacific genus; 1 W Atlantic and 1 W Atlantic + Indo-W Pacific species in the Greater Caribbean.