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Genus: Moringua, Spaghetti Eel, Spaghetti Eels

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body >> 1/2 TL
D origin behind anus
LL complete
lower jaw projecting





Very elongate, cylindrical, worm-like, adults relatively shorter; anus well behind middle of fish; head short and slender, lower jaw projecting; eyes minute in juveniles, large in adults; teeth few, moderate in size, partly lost at maturity, conical, with curved tips, in 1 row on jaws & 1 row of small teeth on roof of mouth, a semicircle of 6 larger teeth at front of top jaws; front nostrils in a low tube, rear one immediately before middle of eye; pectoral present, small, behind top of vertical, lateral gill opening; dorsal fin begins a little behind anus; median fins continuous, evident near end of tail; lateral line complete, to tip of tail, no pores on head except on lower jaw. Form varies with age and sex: Juveniles are very elongated and wormlike with small fins and rounded tails. Adults have larger fins. Females have rounded tails; in males the tail fin becomes forked and the dorsal and anal fins develop elevated lobes at the front.

The tropical genus, has 3 species, one endemic to the eastern Pacific, one in eastern Australia, and one west Atlantic species that occurs in the Greater Caribbean.