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Genus: Fenestraja, Windowskates, Window Skate

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disc heart-shaped, front edge undulating
snout tip flexible
pectoral rays nearly to snout tip
C base width < eye
no pits at corners nasal curtain
pelvic: front lobe 80-100% rear lobe



Disc heart–shaped, narrow, usually < 55% TL, front edges undulating, with narrow to broadly rounded outer corners; front of pectoral fin abutting or nearly abutting tip of snout, not separated from snout by semi–translucent area; snout short (less than 11% TL), broadly angular, tip flexible, with a small triangular process at front; eyes large (=/> distance between eyes), with spiracles immediately behind; nostrils a little in front of mouth, with front lobes from nostrils forming a curtain between them and mouth; no nasal pits before and above nasal curtain;  pelvic fins bilobed and continuous, with anterior lobe long, 80-100% of rear lobe; tail very long (> 60% TL), slender (<eye) at base and tapering distally; top of disc usually densely covered with denticles; top of disc with thorns moderate to small in size, over rostrum, on eye margin, nape, shoulders (not in triangular patch), and along midline of disc and tail in one irregular row with or without irregular lateral rows.

A genus found in the Atlantic, Indian & west Pacific Oceans, with 8 species; 5 occur in the Greater Caribbean.