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Genus: Squalus, Dogfish Sharks, Spiny Dogfish Shark

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head & snout not broad
nasal flap narrow
D1 > D2
pectoral narrow, curved



Sharks with cylindrical bodies, short, narrow head and snout; eyes without nictitating membrane; moderate sized spiracles just behind eyes; nasal flaps narrow, short, not reaching mouth; teeth low and blade-like, similar sized on both jaws, with strongly oblique tips; 5 gill slits, all before pectorals; 2 dorsal fins with ungrooved spines, 2nd smaller than first; origin of the first well behind pectoral but well before the pelvic fins; no anal fin; tail base with a pair of keels and a well developed pit above; tip of tail fin without a notch on underside; skin with denticles.

This worldwide primarily subtropical to temperate genus contains 9 species; 3 species occur in our area, 1 endemic and the other 2 circumglobal.