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Genus: Cirrhigaleus, Roughskin Dogfish Shark, Roughskin Dogfish Sharks

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head & snout broad
nasal flap broad
Ds similar size, long spines
pectorals broad, not curved





Snout flattened, short, and broadly rounded; eyes without nictitating membrane; large spiracles just behind eyes; front nasal flaps broad, reach mouth; teeth similar in both jaws, bladelike, with a single oblique cusp; 5 gill slits, all before pectorals; both dorsal fins with long, stout, ungrooved spines, first dorsal origin just behind free rear tips of pectoral fins, second dorsal origin about over free rear tips of pelvics; second dorsal fin about as large as first; pectoral fins broad, with short, narrowly rounded free rear tips; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, large lower lobe, top lobe not notched near tip, without pits above and below its base.

A W Pacific and NW Atlantic genus with 2 species; 1 in our area.