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Genus: Centrophorus, Gulper Shark, Gulper Sharks

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snout not very long
D1 angular, origin over inner edge pectoral
D2 spine slightly > D1 spine
pectoral free rear tip angular to elongate



Snout moderately elongate; no nictitating eyelids; spiracles present, large, just behind eye; upper teeth much smaller than lower, overlapping, upper and lower broad and blade-like, with single point; five gill slits, all before pectoral fin; two dorsal fins with large grooved spines, first fin is slightly larger, but second has the slightly larger spine; first dorsal origin just behind rear of pectoral base; pectoral free rear tip angular to elongated; no anal fin; tail base without keels; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, upper lobe with notch under tip.

This genus, which is worldwide, has nine species. Three species occur in our region.