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Genus: Isogomphodon, Daggernose Shark

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snout v long, flat, triangular
eyes v small
pectoral v large, broad





Body moderately stout; eyes very small; nictitating eyelid present; snout very long, flat, narrowly triangular when viewed from above, sharply pointed; labial folds short, well developed; no spiracles; gill slits moderate, 5, none over pectoral fin; first dorsal fin moderately high, over pectoral fin base; second dorsal ~ ½ height of first dorsal, origin slightly in front of anal fin base; anal fin with deeply notched posterior margin; pectoral fin very large, broad; no ridge on back between dorsal fins; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, lower lobe of tail well developed, upper lobe with undulating ridge along its top edge, and a notch under its tip, pits at its base; no keel on tail base.

This west Atlantic genus, which is only found from Trinidad to Brazil, has a single species.