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Genus: Mobula, Devil Rays, Manta Mobula Ray, Mobulas

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head: horns or paddles at front
disc much wider than long
mouth at front, or under snout



Mantas are medium to large rays (1-7 m in width) in which the disc is much broader than long, the tips of the wings pointed; the head distinctly raised from disc; a pair of large protruding flaps at the front of the head extending forward before each side of the mouth; those flaps formed from the front edges of pectoral fins; eyes and spiracles on sides of head; mouth opens at front or a little under snout; teeth minute, in many series on 1 or both jaws; tail with a small dorsal fin at its base, whip-like, shorter than disc width, some species with poisonous spines.

A circumtropical genus with 8 or 9 species; 4 species occur in our region.