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Genus: Parmaturus, Cat Shark, Filetail Cat Shark

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body soft, flabby
ridge below eye, not above
C almost no lower lobe
denticle crests: top & sometimes bottom edge C
pectoral small



Flabby, soft-bodied sharks with short, rounded snouts that are < mouth-width long; eyes are elongate ovals; no crests above eyes; below eye with well developed ridge; spiracles present; small teeth that usually have multiple points; intestine with a spiral valve; 5 gill slits, with the last 2 over the pectoral fin; pectorals small, width of rear margin < mouth width; origin of the first dorsal over or behind the origin of the pelvic fins; tail strongly asymmetrical with little of no lower lobe; crests of saw-like denticles on upper and sometimes lower tail edge.

A Pacific and Atlantic genus with 9 species; one in the Greater Caribbean.