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Genus: Galeus, Sawtail Cat Shark, Sawtail Cat Sharks

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body firm; head and snout short
eye crests: only bottom, poorly developed
pectorals large
Ds similar
denticle crests: top & sometimes bottom edges of C
teeth similar both jaws: large central + pair smaller lateral cusps
A large, >> Ds



Body slender, ~cylindrical to compressed, firm, thick skin; head slightly depressed; snout =/< than mouth width, thick, not flattened; no crests on skull over eyes; ridge under eye narrow to absent; nasal flaps broad, triangular, low, without barbels; no grooves from nostrils to mouth; lip furrows around both jaws, short to moderately long, not reaching level of front of mouth; teeth similar in both jaws, with a slender central point and 1-2 pairs of smaller side points; eyes on sides of head; dorsal fins 2, equal sized; origin of 1st dorsal over pelvic base; origin of 2nd dorsal over to slightly behind center of anal fin base; pectorals relatively large, width of rear margin usually > mouth width; anal fin large, elongate, ~=/> pelvic fins, >> dorsal fins; tail fin elongate, ~1/4 TL; top edge of tail fin with a crest of various rows of enlarged denticles, top of crest flattened, side-row denticles of crest asymmetrical (& much larger than those in center-rows), project laterally, covering a band of naked skin separating crest from normal denticles on rest of tail.

Circumglobal, tropical to warm temperate, 18 species.