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Genus: Hoplunnis, Pikeconger Eel, Pikecongers

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snout long, narrow, tip not soft
rear nostril = slit before center eye
pectorals present



Elongate, cylindrical at front, compressed at rear; a long slender, pointed tail >2/3 TL; large eye; front nostril tubular, at front of snout, rear nostril a slit in front of center of eye; a long narrow snout without a soft tip; jaws long and pointed, with top jaw overhanging; jaw teeth of varying sizes, exposed when mouth is closed; pectoral fins present; dorsal fin origin slightly in front of or over gill opening; dorsal and anal fins confluent with tail fin; lateral line complete, on head and body.

A genus found on both sides of the Atlantic and in the eastern Pacific, with 9 species; 5 species in our area.