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Genus: Peristedion, Armored Gurnards, Armored Searobin, Armored Searobins

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body armor -spiny plates
D VII-VIII + 18-20
barbels under chin
pectoral - 2 free rays



Head and body flattened below and completely covered in a heavy armor of bony plates and spines; snout extended in a bony two-pointed rostrum; barbels below the lower jaw; no large spines on the preoperculum; dorsal fin divided into spiny and soft parts, VII-VIII + 18-20; pectoral fin with main fin (11-13) + 2 free rays below; anal fin without spines, 20-23; pelvic fins are wide apart, below base of pectorals, with I, 5 rays.

About 25 species in a circumtropical genus. In our area there are 12 species (5 endemic, 1 NW Atlantic and 6 W Atlantic).