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Genus: Aetobatus, Spotted Eagle Ray, Eagle Rays

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no ridge under eyes connecting to pectoral fin
D before rear tips of pelvics
D origin over pelvic
teeth in 1 row
flap between nostrils + deep V notch





Disc greatly flattened, rhomboidal, much broader than long; trunk of body broad, depressed, thick; head narrow, distinctly raised from disc, protruding forwards; front edges of pectoral fins join head under eyes, without ridges under eyes connected to the disc; eyes and spiracles on sides of head; mouth straight to arched, with fleshy papillae on its floor; flap between nostrils with a deep V-shaped notch; teeth in single row on each jaw, top tooth-plate much broader than long, lower tooth-plate longer than wide, with chevron-shaped teeth; tail whip-like, usually much longer than disc, 1 or more poisonous spines behind dorsal fin; no tail fin; a small dorsal fin at base of tail, its origin well before pelvic-fin free rear tip;  tail with  2-6 spines.

This circumtropical genus has 5 species, one Atlantic species occurring in the Greater Caribbean.