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Genus: Pteroplatytrygon, Pelagic Stingray

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disc wedge shaped, front convex
1 row thorns back & tail
deep flap under long tail



A broad, wedge-shaped disc, front profile slightly convex; snout moderately long but very blunt; nostrils with a large fringed curtain between them and the mouth; floor of the mouth has fleshy papillae; upper surface covered with denticles (in large individuals) and with a row of thorns from nape to origin of tail spine, lower surface smooth; no dorsal or tail fins; tail long and tapering, with thick base, with a deep skin fold on the ventral surface but not the dorsal surface; 1-2 large serrated spines on tail.

This genus contains a single, probably circumtropical, species, which occurs in our area.