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Genus: Megalops, Tarpons

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oblong, compressed
D: last rays -> long filament
C: very forked
mouth large, oblique, opens up
scales very large, smooth





Body oblong but elongate, strongly compressed, silvery; head short, deep, profile straight above, convex below; eye large; mouth large, oblique, opening above, lower jaw projecting; an elongate bony plate between lower jaws; teeth small, simple, on jaws, roof of mouth, tongue and lower base of gill arches; fins without spines; one dorsal fin, 13-21 rays, last filamentous; anal fin base much larger than dorsal fin base; pelvic fins on abdomen; tail fin large, deeply forked; lateral line complete, tubes with branches radiating over surface of lateral line scales; scales very large, smooth.

A tropical genus found in the Atlantic and Indo-central Pacific, with two species; the pan-Atlantic species occurs throughout the Greater Caribbean.