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Genus: Cantherhines, Filefishes, Smoothtail Filefish

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D: long serrated spine over front eye, folds into deep groove
pelvic spine in inflexible scaly casing



Body oblong, deep, compressed; a long pointed snout; a small mouth that opens at front; teeth moderately strong, six in outer row on top jaw and six or less on single row on on bottom jaw; gill opening a short slit on side before pectoral base; 2 dorsal fins, 1st with II spines, 1st spine over front ½ of eye, straight to slightly curved, relatively robust, with barbed rear side, can be locked in position by minute 2nd spine, folds down into deep groove; median fins rays unbranched; tail straight to rounded; pelvic fins present as a spine protruding from a patch of large scales, that patch fixed, not moveable vertically; scales minute, innumerable, equipped with small hairs, cover skin and give it a coarse texture like sand-paper; no patch of enlarged scales above pectoral base; lateral line inconspicuous.

A pantropical genus with 12 species. One trans-Atlantic and 1 W Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.