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Genus: Symphurus, Tonguefish, Tonguefishes, Tonguesoles

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oval, v elongate
eyes small, together
D & A fused to pointed C
pectorals = fine membrane



Body a strongly compresse, elongate oval, tapering to a pointed tail; eyes small, close-set, on left side of the body; mouth small, curved, asymmetrical; margin of preoperculum concealed by skin and scales; dorsal and anal fins confluent with the pointed caudal fin; only left pelvic fin present, 4 rays, on body midline, joined to anal fin by delicate membrane; pectoral fins absent, (represented by a fine membrane; no lateral line.

A worldwide tropical to temperate genus with 66 species; represented in our area by 17 shallow water species, including 5 endemics, 6 NW Atlantic and 6 W Atlantic species.