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Genus: Trinectes, Scrawled Sole, Soles

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gill openings wide, joined below
no hole between gill chambers
pelvic fused to A
with scales



Body oval; eyes small, on right side; snout rounded; front margin of head with short tentacles; mouth small, oblique, a little under snout; lips fleshy; rear edge of preopercle covered with skin, visible as a superficial groove; gill openings wide, united before pelvic fins; without opening connecting gill chambers on both sides; dorsal origin ~ above eye; pelvic on eye side fused to anal; pectorals present or absent; lateral line from head to tail, straight, with perpendicular branches running across body; body covered with rough scales.

A new world tropical to subtropical genus with 9 species; in our area there are 4 representatives (1 endemic, 1 NW Atlantic and 2 W Atlantic).