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Genus: Paralichthys, Flounders, Southern Flounder

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eyes separated by flat space or ridge
mouth large
1 row large canines both jaws
lower gill rakers 7-18
LL arched, 63-117



Eyes on left side, separated by a flat space or a ridge; mouth long, ends under rear of eye; teeth on both jaws are large canines, especially at front of mouth, in 1 row; 7-18 lower gill rakers; dorsal fin begins over upper eye, 65-96; anal fin 53-74; pectoral fins on both sides of body, with branched rays; pelvic fins symmetrically positioned on belly, short bases, base of neither fin on body midline; urinary papilla on eye side, immediately behind level of anus; lateral line scales 63-117; large fish with small accessory scales between larger body scales; eye and blind side scales smooth; lateral line well developed on both sides, extending onto head, with branches to upper eye and below lower eye, strongly arched over pectoral fin, no branch from operculum to front of dorsal fin.

A tropical to temperate genus with about 21 species, found throughout the Pacific and in the West Atlantic; there are 6 species in our region, 1 endemic and 5 NW Atlantic.