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Genus: Cyclopsetta, Flounders, Largemouth Sand Flounder

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mouth reaches to/past rear edge eye
teeth: 1 row, large top canines
gill rakers short, stout
scales smooth
LL straight



Eyes on left side of head, separated by flat, narrow to moderate space; mouth large, top jaw 48-56% of head length, ends at or behind rear edge of eye; jaws on blind side not arched; 1 row of immovable teeth on both jaws, with a pair of canines at front of top jaw, teeth strong & widely separated on lower jaw; gill rakers short and stout; dorsal fin origin before top eye; pectoral fins on both sides of body, with branched rays; pelvics symmetrically positioned on belly, base of eye-side fin on body midline, short bases; urinary papilla on blind side behind anus; scales small, smooth; lateral line well developed on both sides, relatively straight, from just behind eye to base of tail fin, no branch under lower eye.

A neotropical genus with 5 species, 1 endemic and 1 W Atlantic representatives in our region.