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Genus: Urobatis, Shorttail Round Rays, Shorttail Round Stingrays

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tail < disc
C: top lobe - height ~1/4 length, joins bottom lobe



Greatly flattened disc oval to rounded; pectoral fins are continuous around the sides of the head; snout rounded, angular to pointed; eyes and spiracle on top of head, nostrils (with a curtain between them and mouth), mouth and gill slits on underside; floor of mouth with fleshy papillae; jaw teeth are small, numerous, in bands; tail slender, tapering, shorter than length of disc, with a large venomous spine; tail fin an elongate oval, upper lobe high (height ~ ¼ length), confluent with lower lobe; no dorsal fin; skin on upper surface smooth or with denticles and thorns.

This tropical to subtropical genus is restricted to the new world. It has six species, one endemic to the Greater Caribbean.