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Genus: Bothus, Flounders, Lefteye Flounder

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body deep
wide & flat between eyes
mouth not beyond mid-eye
eye-side pelvic base >> blind-side base
LL arched



Body deep (at least ½ SL); eyes on left side of head; between eyes relatively wide and flat; lower eye well before top eye; male usually with spines on snout & sometimes edge of eye; mouth moderate to small, not extending past mid-eye; teeth small, on both sides of both jaws; dorsal fin origin well before top eye; pectoral rays not branched; eye side pectoral larger than blind side fin; eye-side pelvic fin with origin under lower eye, with much longer base, situated on body midline, its origin before that of blind-side fin; lateral line on eye side only, with distinct arch over eye side pectoral fin, no branch under lower eye; scales small, rough to smooth on eye side, smooth on blind side.

A circumtropical to subtropical genus of about 18 species; 4 W Atlantic species in our región.