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Genus: Nomeus, Man-of-war Driftfish, Man-of-war Fish

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scales before eyes
D origin behind pectoral base
tongue: no teeth
pelvic: origin before/under pectoral base; juveniles - very large
I-II, 24-29





Body elongate; eye large, with a fatty ring around it; mouth small, usually ends before eye; teeth small, conical, ~ 1 row on jaws; teeth on center and sides of roof of mouth, and on bases of gill arches, but none on tongue; opercle thin, with 2 flat spines; 2 scarcely separated dorsal fins, 1st with IX-XII spines, which fold into a groove, its origin behind (in small specimens directly over) pectoral origin, longest spine slightly longer than longest ray; anal fin I-II, 24-29; pelvic fins insert before or under pectoral base, fan shaped, attached to belly along entire length, fold into a groove; pectoral fins long and wing-like, with oblique bases; branched mucous canal along flank; scales on head in a broad band, extending before eyes; lateral line complete, high along back. Juvenile with greatly enlarged pelvic fins; deeply forked tail fin; lateral line ends under end of dorsal fin base.

A single worldwide tropical to warm temperate species in this genus.