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Genus: Makaira, Blue Marlin

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not v compressed
nape high
D front lobe < body depth
anus near A
LL: looping line or mesh, often obscure



Body not very compressed; bill rounded in cross section; adults with small teeth; nape very high; 1st dorsal long based, low (height at level of mid-body < body depth), height of front lobe < body depth, close to 2nd dorsal; pectorals long and narrow, moveable and can be pressed against body, 20-23 rays; pelvic fins short; 2 keels on side of tail base; tail fin large, strongly forked; anus close to origin of anal fin; lateral line a reticulate meshwork or line with loops, often obscured in adults; body covered with small, triangular scales.

A tropical to subtropical genus with a single, widespread circumtropical species that occurs in the Greater Caribbean.