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Genus: Euthynnus, Kawakawas, Little Tunny Tuna, Tunas

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D1 XII-XVI, front high
D1 & 2 close
rear back: oblique bars
front belly - black spots
no scales behind front corselet of heavy scales





Elongate, fusiform; no fatty eyelid; jaw teeth slender, conical; top of tongue with 2 cartilaginous crests; 19-45 gill rakers; 1st dorsal fin XII-XVI, front high; 2 dorsal fins barely separated; ~ 9 dorsal finlets and ~ 7 anal finlets; bone between base of pelvic fins short, forked; pectoral fins 25-29 rays; 1 large + 2 small keels on tail base; tail fin deeply forked; 1 lateral line; a corselet of large, thickened scales on front body, body scaleless behind corselet; rear back with oblique bars; front of belly with black spots.

A circumglobal tropical to subtropical genus with 3 species; one Pan-Atlantic species in our region.