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Genus: Scomberomorus, Mackerel, Mackerels, Sierras

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snout <<1/2 head
D1 XI-XXII; 2 Ds close
D & A 7-10 finlets behind
teeth compressed, triangular
with gill rakers



Elongate, strongly compressed; snout distinctly < half head; no fatty eyelid; rear of top jawbone exposed when mouth is closed; teeth strong, compressed, triangular or knife-like; 1-27 gill rakers; 2 dorsal fins, very close together; 1st dorsal fin with XI-XXII spines; 7-10 finlets after dorsal and anal fins; 1 large + 2 small keels on tail base; tail fin deeply forked; 1 lateral line; corselet of scales obscure.

A worldwide tropical to temperate genus with 18 species; represented in our region by 3 W Atlantic and 1 NW Atlantic species.