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Genus: Trichiurus, Cutlassfish Scabbardfish, Cutlassfishes, Hairtails

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ribbon-like, v compressed; long snout; large eye
D III, 115-135, no notch
A = tiny, imbedded spines
tail base slender, tapering, pointed, no C
large mouth, lower jaw projecting
large fangs
no pelvics



Very elongate, strongly compressed, ribbon-like, tapering to slender, pointed hair-like tail; long snout; large eye; a large mouth with protruding lower jaw with large fangs; lower edge of gill cover concave; dorsal and anal fins are extremely long-based and low; dorsal fin origin over gill cover, with very long base, III, 115-135, no notch between spines and rays; anal fin inconspicuous, 95-115 minute spines mostly buried in skin; pectoral fins pointed up, I, 11; no pelvic fins; without tail fin; lateral line complete; no scales.

A genus found worldwide in tropical and temperate areas; contains 3 species; with one circumglobal tropical to subtropical species found in shallow water in our region.