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Genus: Ruvettus, Oilfish Snake Mackerel, Oilfishes

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D XIII-XV (low) + 15-18
D & A 2 rear finlets
tail base no keels
pelvics well developed
skin v rough; belly - keel of bony scales
1 LL, obscure



Elongate; fusifrom, slightly compressed; head pointed; eye large, circular; mouth opens at front, large; 1 row of large teeth each jaw, canines at front; 1st dorsal fin low, long, XIII-XV spines; 2nd dorsal fin higher, with shorter base, 15-18 rays, 2 finlets behind; anal fin 0, 15-18 rays, with 2 finlets behind; pelvic fins well developed, I, 5; tail fin broadly forked; no keels on tail base; scales smooth, with rows of small spiny tubercles in between them; lateral line obscure with slight curve over pectoral, straight to tail base; mid-belly with keel of bony plates.

The genus contains one circumglobal tropical to temperate species.