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Genus: Nealotus, Black Snake Mackerel, Escolars

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elongate, slender, compressed
long head; large eye; top fangs
D XX-XXI, deep notch, long base
D & A: 2 finlets behind
pelvic = 1 tiny spine
A: II free spines, 1st large
1 straight LL



Elongate, slender, compressed; head long, pointed, top profile straight; eye large; mouth large, horizontal, oat front, lower jaw a little projecting; teeth large, conical, large fangs at front top jaw; dorsal fin with long base, (XX-XXI), deep notch between 2 parts, 2nd dorsal with shorter base, 2 finlets after; anal fin with II free spines at front (1st a large dagger), then 15-19 rays, 2 finlets at end; each pelvic fin = 1 tiny spine; tail fin forked; 1 straight lateral line along length of body; skin smooth, scales small, smooth.

The genus has one member, found in all oceans; in our area.