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Genus: Lepidocybium, Escolar Snake Mackerel, Escolars

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body fusiform
eye large, oval
D1 VIII-IX, v low
4-6 finlets after D & A
tail base with 3 keels
mouth opens at front
pelvics well developed
1 sinuous LL



Elongate, fusiform, slightly compressed; head pointed; eye a large, vertical oval; mouth ~ horizontal, opens at front; teeth conical, curved, 1 row each jaw; 2 dorsal fins separated by a gap, 1st dorsal fin low, VIII-IX spines; 2nd dorsal fin shorter base, 16-18, behind that 4-5 finlets; anal fin I-II, 12-14, followed by 4-5 finlets; pelvic fins well developed, I, 5; tail fin forked; 1 long + 2 small keels on tail base; 1 lateral line, strongly sinuous path along body; scales very small, smooth.

This genus contains 1 circumtropical to subtropical species.