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Genus: Gempylus, Snake Mackerel

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very elongate, very compressed
D1 deep notch, XXVI-XXXII, low, long base
D & A: 5-7 finlets behind
tail base - no keels
long mouth
large, conical teeth
scales small, skin smooth
2 LL along back



Very elongate and slender, very compressed; snout pointed; eye large; mouth long, lower jaw pointed, projecting; teeth large, conical, spaced apart, top jaw with fangs at front; 1st dorsal fin long and low (XXVI-XXXII); 2nd dorsal fin short, followed by 5-7 finlets; anal fin II free spines then I, 10-12, then 6-7 finlets; pelvic fins tiny, I, 3-4; tail fin forked; tail base without keels; 2 obvious lateral lines on body, 1 along mid-side, other along under 1st dorsal fin; skin smooth, scales small; no keel on belly.

A single circumtropical to subtropical species in this genus, which occurs in the Greater Caribbean.