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Genus: Luvarus, Louvar, Luvar

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elongate, compressed, tapering; head deep, convex forehead; eyes low
D & A: no spines, low, long bases
tail base: 3 keels
C semilunar
mouth small, opens at front
pelvics tiny
skin spiny





Body elongate, oval, compressed, tapering to slender tail base; head deep, compressed, forehead profile convex; eyes low, behind small horizontal mouth; 1 continuous dorsal fin, long, low, origin at ~ mid-body; anal fin similar to and under dorsal fin; dorsal and anal fins of adults without spines (dorsal with II spines in juvenile); pelvic fins tiny; pectoral fin long, pointed; tail fin large, semicircular, with 1 large and 2 small keels on tail base; skin rough, covered with tiny spines.

The genus contains one, circumtropical species.