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Genus: Chaetodipterus, Spadefish, Spadefishes

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deep, oval, compressed
D IX (low)
D & A front rays elongated
mouth small, opens at front
teeth: brushlike bands



Body a highly compressed disc; head short, snout very short, blunt; mouth small, opens at front; teeth small, brush like, in bands; dorsal fin continuous, IX, 18-23, spines well developed but low, connected by a membrane, separated by a deep notch from soft dorsal; anal fin III, 16-20; front of soft dorsal and anal elongate; pectoral fins short; pelvic fins long, under pectorals; tail slightly concave; lateral line complete; scales cover body, head and most fins.

A genus with 3 species found on both side of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific; 1 W Atlantic species occurs in the Greater Caribbean.