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Genus: Ptereleotris, Dart Fishes, Dart Gobies, Dart Goby, Hover Gobies

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elongate, compressed
D VI + I, 22-25
C elongate, oval
mouth very oblique
pelvics separate, I, 4
scales very small, embedded



Body very elongate, compressed; head strongly compressed; mouth very oblique, opens above, lower jaw projecting, chin with longitudinal fold; dorsal fin VI + I, 22-25; anal fin I, 21-39; pectoral fins 20-25; pelvic fins separate, I, 4; tail fin long & pointed or rounded; scales very small, usually non-overlapping, embedded, ~100-170 on mid-side, all smooth or smooth with a few rough at rear, head scaleless; no lateral line.

A circumtropical genus of about 15 species found in all tropical seas except for the eastern Atlantic; represented in the Greater Caribbean by 3 species: 1 endemic, 1 W Atlantic and 1 SW Atlantic.