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Genus: Cerdale, Worm Fishes, Worm Gobies, Wormfish Goby

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short, stubby body
D & A not/barely joined to C
gill opening tubular
scales partly overlapping/slightly separated



Body elongate and slender but relatively short, stubby, eel-like, body height ~ 10% of SL; small eyes on side of head; mouth strongly oblique, lower jaw heavy, protruding; 2 rows of teeth on each jaw, conical outer row, chisel-like inner row; gill opening tubular; one, long based continuous dorsal fin, spines of equal height and spacing; dorsal and anal fins unconnected or connected by a low membrane with tail fin; anal fin 0 spines; pelvic fins minute, I, 3 rays; scales separate to close-set and partly overlapping; no lateral line.

A new world, tropical to temperate genus with 6 species; 1 endemic in our region.