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Genus: Erotelis, Emerald Sleeper, Gobies

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head depressed, scaled
C: broad, many short spines at base
preoperculum: hidden spine
scales smooth, laterals 90-110



Body elongate, robust; head depressed, wide, scaly; snout short, blunt; mouth oblique; teeth small conical, in several rows on jaws; preoperculum with concealed hook at its lower rear corner; gill membranes broadly joined to throat, with 6 rays; 2 separate dorsal fins, VI weak spines + I, 10-12;, base of 2nd dorsal < distance from the end of that base to tail fin; anal fin I, 9; pelvic fins I, 5, long, completely separate; tail fin broadly rounded, with many short but obvious, spiny rays at the top and bottom of its base; scales small, smooth, 90-110 in lateral series; no lateral line.

A neotropical genus with 2 species; 1 W Atlantic species our region.